Deshi Han

guys chest(Dah-she) Han is a famous Hong Kong martial arts actor and director. In between filmings he is involved with several charities across China and Asia. Coming from a poor family life, Deshi takes his charity works and career very seriously leaving no time for a lasting relationship. He is in his early forties, handsome and talented. While on one of his charity trips, he agrees to take responsibility for a young American woman suffering from amnesia after a typhoon ravaged the Philippines. Deshi believed providing food and comfort to this young woman while she recovers would be the extent of his involvement. He is so wrong.



Blue_EyesAnnie is an American who wakes up in a shelter after a typhoon ravages the Philippines, with no memory of who she is or why she is in the Philippines. Relying on the shelter priest’s opinion, she accepts Deshi’s offer to return to Hong Kong,  to recover. She is in her early twenties, petite and gentle prompting Deshi to ‘name’ her Annie. However, she is tortured by nightmares which begin to reveal a forgotten danger.

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Mei (May), a petite Chinese woman, is on Deshi’s crew and becomes fast friends with Annie.


Tommy is living his dream of being one of Deshi’s stunt team members. When Annie appears to be in danger, Deshi assigns Tommy as her body-guard.


Jun (rhymes with fun) is Deshi’s long time assistant who has  hopes to eventually become Deshi Han’s wife.

Paul Wu

Paul is Deshi’s business manager.

Mrs. Han

Mrs. Han is Deshi’s mother, a short, heavyset Chinese woman with a quick smile and a warm heart. She takes Annie under her wing like a long lost daughter.

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