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Valentines Day Does Not Need To Be Expensive

origami orchid

Take a lesson from my son, the “poor college student.” He doesn’t have a lot of spare money after paying insurance on his cars (one drive-able and one project car) and on his phone, but he wanted to make Valentines Day special for his girlfriend (also a poor college student). So, he came up with the idea to make her some origami flowers (he’s an art student, can you tell?). Then he would pick up a movie DVD and take her out for a late lunch (which is less expensive than dinner).

origami ring

Romance should not be all about money. You can plan very romantic dates with more thought than money. Take advantage of your talents when thinking of gifts and cards. Many women will appreciate more, a gift that the man spent time creating over stopping at the local convenience store to pick up a random card and box of candy. Try to personalize the gift by thinking of what that special someone likes (favorite flower, favorite color, hobbies, etc) and you are sure to win them over.

If your special someone is only concerned with the cost of your gifts and date plans, then maybe you should find a new special someone. Life is too short 🙂

Anyone want to share their inexpensive “personalized” gifts? Would love to hear them.

ruby red lips

In the mean time, Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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