6 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Romantic

Life places so many demands on us; job duties, family responsibilities, activities, household chores. The list goes on and on. So squeezing out moments for romance can be difficult. Imagine, each day after dealing with your life, you walk into your romantic bedroom and immediately feel the outside world drifting away. All that matters is you and your partner.

Here are 6 ways to make your bedroom romantic:

  1. Colors – Red is not the only romantic color in the color wheel. Soft pastels such as pink, peach, yellow, mint or lavender are very feminine and alluring. Use these colors on your walls, drapes, bed linens and rugs. 6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Romantic
  2. Pillows & fuzzy rugs – Just like the high-end hotel suites, plenty of pillows on the bed signifies pampering. Have double pillows for both sides of the bed and a handful of throw/accent pillows. Fabric and textures can make a difference in the room’s mood. Soft, silky, satin and fluffy is the way to go here. Don’t forget to add a fuzzy throw rug or two beside the bed.  pillows
  3. Photos – The only decorations in the bedroom should be love and romantic-enticing. A photo showing you as a couple enjoying an outing, wall art depicting loving couples or animals and only sentimental do-dads on the dresser or bedside table. The do-dads could be a sea shell from your walk on the beach, mementos from your honeymoon trip…I think you get the picture 🙂
  4. Scents & oils – The sense of smell is a very powerful tool. Sprinkle some drops of essential oils around the room or light some scented beeswax candles. Some scents to try are Jasmine (one of my favorites), rosewood or sandalwood. essential oils
  5. No TV – and this is a big one. There should be no distractions other than the distraction your partner creates. If you must have a TV in the room, put it in a cabinet with doors that can be closed.
  6. Soft lighting – Avoid the harsh overhead light, we all look our best in soft lighting. Instead, use only the bedside table lamps or be creative and put a mini-string of lights in a large glass jar. It’s almost like a jar of lightning bugs. strings of lights

This is only the tip of the iceberg of ways to make your bedroom romantic. What ways have you tried?

Here’s hoping for a very romantic 2017 for everyone! And don’t forget the romance novels 😉 Talk about creating a mood.

Sources: Howdoesshe.com and Womensday.com



About ddominikwickles

I am a romance author who loves books, purses and cats. I believe the glass is always half full and there is no such thing as having too many books. My romances all contain mystery and danger to keep you turning the pages.

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